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If this is what you intend to get from your business, we are able to help you. Clickcertain does SEO in South Africa and abroad to get you those coveted page one results in Google.

SEO South Africa

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More traffic to your website will result in more leads for your business.


NOTE: SEO is not a magic bullet or an exact science. Organic results, or natural rankings in the search engines are done by algorithms. These algorithms are updated and changed on a regular basis and they have an effect on the results in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). There is no one person or company that can guarantee you any results. Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process which is done by analysing and processing data finding the best possible way at the time to get you the page one rankings for your desired keywords. Rankings go up and they go down. Consistency, experience and ongoing analysis is key to the success.

 SEO South Africa

SEO is the short version for Search Engine Optimisation and referred to the optimisation of a website to get higher rankings in the natural search results, otherwise known as SERPS.

Why Is SEO Important For Your Business?

For a business to become successful and remain strong it requires clients or customers. Both refer to the same end result.

For a client or customer who is in need of your services or product they firstly need to know that you can supply the product of service and they have to know you exist. Next, they need to be able to find your business and contact you.

Without these you will not have a business.

With the ever increasing dependance of people on the internet, and Google being one of the main ways in which people search for products or services it is only logical that you need to appear when they are looking for you.

The average Google results page for a search has 19 results. This means the person who did the search has just been given 19 choices to choose from. As we all do, we shop around, and you can be guaranteed your competitors will also be there and will be one of the options.

However, if you are not in the results on the very first page you are not given any thought at all, as far as the visitor is concerned, you do not even exist.

Get SERP Results.

There are several ways to be on page one search engine results and they are:

  1. Paid Advertising
  2. Natural or organic search results
  3. Maps listings of your business.

Paid Advertising to be on page one search results

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the most effective way to get inside the first four positions (which are reserved for advertising).

As people have become more accustomed to searching online they also know that the first results are ads. To the left of each of these results it also says “ADS” which is an additional indicator to the visitor that it is an advertisement.

In Google results these are Google Adwords. This is Google’s paid ad platform and can be used by any business.

However, it can be extremely expensive. You pay for your ads on a pay per click basis, each time someone clicks your ad you pay for the click using a bidding and ranking process. Google does not set any prices, the prices are set according to what the bidding price is from the person placing the ad.

This means if you are bidding on a keyword where you want your ad to appear you give a daily budget and a price which you are willing to pay for the click. Depending on your bid you will appear in the results.

It is much more complex but this is not an Adwords course so I will just stick to the basics.

If you bid R15 for a click, and your competitor bids R17 for a click they will appear above you.

Depending on your keyword you could easily get 100 clicks per day, this means a daily cost of R1500 or R45 000 per month.

It can become super expensive in a very short period of time.

If you convert leads at 3% that is 3 leads per day at R500 per lead. Turning into sales is even less. Let’s assume you can close at 20%, that would be one sale every two days at a cost of R3000 per sale.

These numbers vary significantly and the average lead conversion for Adwords ads is around 1 to 3%.

This is improved with better landing pages, split testing, tracking and optimisation of all the keywords and improving their performance. You can get conversions to 10% even 20% but it requires in-depth knowledge of all the related elements that make up your advertising campaign.

When done correctly paid advertising is very profitable.

Natural or Organic Results SEO Services South Africa

These are the results you will see when you do a search in Google. They appear below the ads on the page and consist of ten results per page as the standard search that most people use.

The clicks per result are shown below.

From this it is very easy to see the value of the first five positions on the page, as well as the bottom five. This is where all the traffic to your site will come from when you do seo South Africa correctly.

To get these results requires dedicated ongoing work. The content on your website has to grow and you need quality backlinks to your website to get to page one and stay on page.

In addition you also need to ensure your on page optimisation is properly done on each page.

Here is a list you need to check when doing your on-page seo for results with SEO south Africa:

Title tag

This is the title of the page as it will appear in the tab when the page is opened. This is also the tag the search engines use to see what the page is about seo South Africa. This tag will appear as a blue link in the search result.

Meta Description Tag

Inside this tag is a longer description of what your page is about. This is the black text you see below a search result.

Header 1 Tag

In most cases this is known as an h1 tag. You should only have one of these tags on your page when you are doing seo South Africa

Header 2 – 6

Also known as h2 – h6 tags and are generally used as headers in the text.

Image alt Tag

There is a section when inserting an image where you can set this tag. One of the images on your page should contain this tag with the keyword or keyword phrase you are targeting.

First Paragraph

The first paragraph on your page should contain your target keyword as soon as is logically applicable.

Content Length

The content length should not be below 300 words but preferable around 500 or more words.


You should have links in the page content. As a basis I normally have 2 links pointing to other pages on the site and one link linking to an authority website.

If you follow these basics for each of your pages and get quality backlinks you have a very good chance of appearing on page one.


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