Well I can give you the long version and the dreary normal stuff you will find on an about us page for most businesses.

But my business is about you, and that is what I would like to talk about.

How can i best help you get what you want?

Clickcertain is a marketing company established to help you grow your business to the next level. Starting out is usually reasonably easy although very stressful, and i believe you have had your share.

To grow you need more sales, and never forget repeat sales from old customers.

I have my own opinions around SEO and marketing, and this includes the proper management of leads.

For me good leads are like tiny gold nuggets, but they are hidden between all the other dirt that came with. It is your job as a business owner and salesperson to sift through and find these nuggets.

If you have ever watched panning for gold you will know it takes a whole lot of dirt just to get a few nuggets. They don’t jump out at you, you have to follow a process over and over to find them and then make them yours.

It is the same with leads today, an internet search will bring you a lot of leads with the right keywords. A whole lot of dirt and then you must pan this out until you find the nuggets. That is where the real money is hidden.

Now if you look for gold in the wrong places you are going to end up poor and depressed. You must know where to find them and then how to mine them.

This is where I help you. Identifying your target audience and then sifting the audience in different ways until you see the nuggets, then you take them before your competitor does.

This is our way, this is what we do very well. We have doubled every business that has stayed with us for at least 12 months. Less than that it works, but not very well.

You have to be consistent and create the environment your business can grow and prosper.

When you find the gold vein, no matter how small, at some point you can hit the motherload.